A ‘new’ ITI course for teachers and instructors who teach in English Medium universities and schools...


English Mediated Instruction / CLIL


What is Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)?

The aim of CLIL is to further learning of both subject content and language development. The (lecturer, instructor, teacher) takes responsibility for both content and language by using strategies to assist learners’ understanding. This course is for anyone who teaches a curriculum subject (such as Business, Management, Science, History etc) in English to learners who are non-native English speakers.


The course introduces practical strategies the teacher / instructor can use to address learners’ language problems and support learners with their learning. These strategies include:


  • Learner centred approaches that involve tasks, discussion and reflection.
  • Lesson planning to provide clear structuring, use of visual and textual support, and promote variety on interaction and peer support.
  • Strategies for scaffolding concepts and checking understanding
  • Grading language to the learners’ language level.
  • Appropriate use of L1.